Kris Keimig

Yes. Jerks Do Get More Women Than Nice Guys.

In bored on September 21, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Back in June Feministe wrote a commentary on a “study” that was put out saying bad boys do get more girls. While I do really like Feministe blog, I’ve got some issues with their Do Jerks Get Laid More? post.

men are jerks

People in Relationships Have More Sex

In the post, they try to deconstruct what it means to “get laid more” by first telling us that people in relationships have more sex than single people. A point that seems to be true… at least, as far as the frequency of married sex to non-married sex goes.

Great point. Problem is: How cares? The point of the “study” (I am using study very loosing here) is not that jerks have more long term relationships and more committed, loving sexual intercourse – it’s saying jerks bang more chicks. i.e. Quantity not quality. As in, if you are out a bar, jerks are more likely to get a girl to go home with them, have sex with them and then never talk to them again.

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  1. i like it. well, no i don't like it. i like your writing about it. i don't like the “study” even if it may be true (which it is). 40 minutes and an awkward style is usually my gameplan.

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