Kris Keimig

Sarah Palin is Repeatedly Fornicating In the Presence of Your Wife

In politics on September 19, 2008 at 6:00 pm

Your country is about to get raped by a beautiful woman who is drawing her energy off of the men around her.
Because Sarah Palin is a Succubus. If you don’t know what a Succubus is then learn about it quickly.

Let’s explore the three reasons why Sarah Palin is a Succubus.

#1) A Succubus is beautiful woman who seduces men

… and Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman who seduces men

I haven’t slept in weeks and I’ve been beating off at very inappropriate times – like during the nightly news and when I am on eBay looking for planes. My wife is NOT happy.
sarah palin seduces

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  4. She's not hot dude. She's aright at best. She just looks good compared to the rest of the women in politics.

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